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I have been having problems sleeping for many years, and figured it was just due to long work hours, and normal life happenings. I attended some educational sleep clinics at United Sleep Apnea Services, and then saw one of their sleep specialists.

Needless to say I was brought in quickly for a sleep study that indicated I had sleep apnea. I have been on the CPAP for a few months now and i have never felt more rested and had the energy levels like this in many many years. The improved sleep has assisted in improvements in my hormone balance, and my weight loss goals. The energy has assisted in being able to get to the gym and see results now. Its improved my family life, and social life also. All around my life has been a lot easier since getting on therapy.

The staff there was friendly and informative. They got me in quickly and answered the questions I had. They continue to be a source of education when I call. I would highly recommend everyone go get a sleep test to see if that is something that could be affecting your daily life. I do not regret it.

Jason S.    Portland, Or"   

Place was great. I got a great service by the office. Spoke to Lindsey and Nisha re. my appointment for sleep study they were very polite and helpful. Just results took some time to get back to my doctors office, otherwise I liked the lab and staff.

Cynthia C.    Del Mar, CA"   

Thanks to my decision to have this study and subsequent purchase of a CPAP (APAP), I went from less than an hour of true sleep per night to 7+ hours per night. The apnea episodes went from 51 per hour to 1-2 per hour. (Yes...51 per hour!)

Needless to say, I am the poster patient for the benefits of the sleep study and CPAP use.

A side benefit to finally getting complete, restorative sleep has been a passive weight loss (10 lbs). People comment on how much better my face/complexion looks too. Bottom line, I'm actually sleeping. Not taking 1 minute micro naps.

The people at Dream Inc. Were very helpful and explained the process thoroughly. If you snore, or wake up gasping for air you need to speak to Dream Inc.

John "Skip" Wilson    Leucadia, CA