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The Best Foods for a Good Night Sleep

There are tips to get a good sleep at night. Making the right diet is underrated these days. But it is one great practice to maintain good sleep. Being aware of dietary choices is a basic habit one can apply. It is a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle. Eating the right foods is a conducive part of people’s daily routine. There are people who are not health conscious. Some people are not aware that the food they eat could be a reason for sleep deprivation too. But some foods could help as well in achieving a good kind of sleep.

Researchers are learning about the influence of dietary choices in sleep quality. For some instances, poor sleep pushes the body to find high energy foods. On the other hand, sufficient sleep could normalize appetite hormones. If that happens, the craving for unhealthy food will not take place. A person could finally make better choices of food to eat. People should put awareness on proper diet to achieve a good night sleep.

What food substances people must lessen to achieve good sleep?

Caffeine – Many foods people take are containing caffeine. A single cup of coffee every morning has a potential impact on sleep. It will depend on the person’s metabolism. It will take six hours to metabolize caffeine in the body. It is vital to consider the intake of foods with too much caffeine.

Alcohol – It is considered as a depressant for the nervous system. Having a drink may help people sleep. But it also ends up being the counterfeit of sleep. Experts recommend not to take more than 4.5-ounce pour of wine. Too much alcoholic drink may disrupt sleep during the second half of the night.

What are the best foods that promote a good night sleep?

Nuts and Seeds – Brazil nuts are sources of selenium. It is a mineral that is helpful to get a restful sleep. Pumpkin seeds and almonds are good sources of magnesium. Seeds and nuts contain a proper balance of proteins and fats that could make you feel satiated.

Chamomile Tea – It is the kind of tea that calms the brain and puts someone to sleep easier. It is a decaffeinated green tea that contains amino acid theanine. This is the substance that reduces stress.

Yogurt – This contains calcium that produces tryptophan. Plain Greek yogurt without sugar is more advisable. Adding a few nuts and dried fruit as a garnish is fine.

Green Leafy Vegetables – There are vegetables that are the top source of calcium and magnesium. Such as turnip greens, kale, spinach, and collard greens. Magnesium and calcium help with sleep. Deficiency of both substances could be a possible reason why you are frequently awake late at night.

Bananas – This is a good source of potassium and magnesium. Those substances help relax the muscles. Banana also contains vitamin B6, which improves sleep and tryptophan.

Lean Proteins – Proteins found in eggs, fish and chicken. These foods contain tryptophan, an amino acid that interacts with brain chemicals essential for sleep.

Cherry Juice – It contains melatonin responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles. Just make sure that it is in natural form without too much sugar.

Whole Grains – Buckwheat, barley, couscous and other complex carbohydrates convert tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin. But take note to avoid simple carbohydrates like loaves of bread and pasta and sugary foods. Too much sugar consumption may lead to an energy crash.

Proper diet is a good habit to maintain good sleep. The foods we eat play a vital role in overcoming sleepless nights too. There are food substances that are beneficial. But some of them may also worsen sleep problems. Improper diet is just one of the many reasons why people experience sleep deprivation.

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